Chasing Second Chances: Joey Logano's Blog

    Week 10: Joshua's Heart Foundation

    Hey guys! We did it! We are in the final four! I can’t say enough about this 22 team and their determination to win. We got here as a […]

    By |November 14, 2016|

      Week 9: Phoenix Dream Center

      Hey everyone! We were so close! What a crazy day. The battle is on for Phoenix! It is hard to believe we are going to Phoenix this week. This […]

      By |November 7, 2016|

        Week 8: World Vision

        Hey all!!! Thanks for all of the support this weekend! We led some laps but finished behind where we wanted. We’ve had some great runs at Texas so we […]

        By |October 31, 2016|

          Week 7: Southside Survivors Response Center

          Hey all! What an incredible effort by the #22 team this weekend. The win at Talladega is exactly what we needed. Thank you all for the kind messages and […]

          By |October 24, 2016|

            Week 6: Youth Well Being

            Hi all! I’m really proud of this #22 team and the way we finished in Kansas. It’s time to take on Talladega and make it to the next […]

            By |October 17, 2016|

              Week 5: Healthcare

              Hey guys! That was a tough Cup race yesterday. All we can do is move on to the next one and keep pushing. The Chase is not over yet […]

              By |October 10, 2016|

                Week 4: The Relatives

                We just finished the round of 16 and we’re moving on to the round of 12 with a sixth-place finish at Dover. As far as being home for the […]

                By |October 3, 2016|

                  Week 3: Pediatric Cancer

                  Hi everyone! Our team faced some challenges this weekend, but fought back to finish 11th. We worked hard for this one and really came together as a team to […]

                  By |September 26, 2016|

                    Week 2: Community Youth Development

                    Hey guys! So this was the week, the week which started the most grueling last 10 weeks of the season. The 22 team really stepped up yesterday and we […]

                    By |September 19, 2016|

                      Week 1: Pediatric Cancer

                      Hey guys! I am pretty stoked to begin our second run of the Chasing Second Chances program. We are committed to giving back for the ten consecutive weeks of […]

                      By |September 12, 2016|

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