Hey guys! I am pretty stoked to begin our second run of the Chasing Second Chances program. We are committed to giving back for the ten consecutive weeks of the Chase in each of the race markets. To kick it off, we are heading to Chicago!

So far this season we have been pretty good on track. We are one race win behind from last year at this time (if you count the All Star Race). I feel very fortunate to have such a focused race team at my side every weekend, always pushing for a win. I also consider myself beyond blessed to have such a fantastic team at my office that helps me run the foundation.

I would not waste time writing a blog or drawing awareness to the fact that everyone deserves a second chance, if I did not believe in it whole heartedly. So, I wanted to start off this blog with some insight as to why Brittany and I are so passionate about the foundation.

Through racing, I think we have an important opportunity. Racing gives me the ability to reach many people. I realized a while back I have a choice. I could use this platform to make a difference or I could simply sit back and let others take care of problems in the community. My choice was to try and make a difference.

Brittany and I talk a lot about where we want to take the foundation. The other day, she made a comment that stuck. We were discussing how there are so many issues and needs in the community. It is frustrating when no matter what you do, things do not see to be getting better (remember I am a driver and I like speed). Brittany said, “A wave in the ocean might not change the entire ocean’s ecosystem, but it sure can make a boat rock.” I’m lucky to have a wife as smart and kind as she is.

There’s no questions a small difference is still a change. Helping just one individual can cause a chain reaction. Before you know it, families, school districts and communities feel the impact from that one act. When you realize that through your actions you can help give someone a second chance it will change you forever. That is what happened to Brittany and I and we are so excited to share these experiences with all our fans.

This Weeks Cause: Pediatric Cancer

Last year we started our “Give Back” circuit focusing on pediatric cancer. Brittany and I do not have children, yet, so we cannot even begin to grasp the fear and pain that pediatric cancer brings. Did you know it’s estimated that 15,780 children and adolescents ages 0 to 19 years will be diagnosed with cancer and 1,960 children will die of the disease in the United States per year? (www.cancer.gov). These numbers are too large. When you really take into consideration each of these numbers represent someone’s child, its heart wrenching. In honor of National Pediatric Cancer Awareness month and the many families affected by pediatric cancer each year, we want to shed light on this disease.

This Week’s Joey Logano Foundation Chasing Second Chances Non-Profit Partner: Bear Necessities

If you followed Chasing Second Chances last year, you might remember we supported an organization called Bear Necessities during week one. We decided to support their efforts again this year. Bear Necessities is a Chicago-based non-profit that is a national organization dedicated to eliminating pediatric cancer and to providing hope and support to those who are touched by it. They accomplish their mission through two unique areas – the Bear Hugs Program and the Bear Discoveries Program. The Bear Hugs Program provides a customized experience for a child going through cancer. They work with the families and children to make a dream come true for these kids. I’ve seen it when I’ve had the privilege to meet with these kids and their families. One brighter day can keep them going through the tough ones. The group also operates the Bear Discoveries program which offers funding for research and pushes for childhood cancer breakthroughs. Brittany and I are proud to support organizations like Bear Necessities. Through their work, we are excited play a small part in brightening a day for a child battling cancer.

I want to end with a simple message. I know it may be hard for one person to feel like they can make a difference but I truly believe one person can initiate a change that will inspire others. I want to challenge you all to be THAT person. Whether you donate time, money, or talents- just do it. It will change you, and in turn, change the life of someone in need. Thanks for taking a few minutes to read my first 2016 post!

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