Hey guys! So this was the week, the week which started the most grueling last 10 weeks of the season. The 22 team really stepped up yesterday and we were able to pull off a great finish. The work week leading up to this past weekend was filled with partner obligations and a hefty media tour. I could not be more pumped and ready to win the championship than I am right now. Last week, after writing my first blog, I realized the foundation is not just my foundation, it’s my wife, Brittany’s, as well. So with the extensive Chase schedule, Brittany will be helping me fill you guys in every week!

Having a mentor in a child’s life is critical for their fundamental and social development. Someone who the child can go to for advice about school and life, but also someone who’s able to provide career-path guidance. Studies have shown having a non-parent mentor provides benefits to all teens in their developing years. During these years, teens will grow into who they are, by constructing intellect, personality, social skillsets – which are all supportive of encouraging mentors. (www.psychologytoday.com) A study conducted by North Carolina State University showed youth from unfavorable backgrounds are twice as likely to attend college if they have a strong mentor to provide a sense of leadership along the way. (Site study) We think that’s incredible!

The bottom line is this: Teens who occupy their time with healthy activities and relationships often do not turn to harmful substances and/or law breaking. To us, it seems pretty clear, mentoring young adults is serious and can offer many youths a chance to succeed.

This Week’s Joey Logano Foundation Chasing Second Chances Non-Profit Partner: Manchester Police Athletic League

This week, we are thrilled to say we’re working with the Manchester Police Athletic League (MPAL). They’re a driven school athletic organization that pairs community youth with local police officers. MPAL offers many forms of athletic activities from boxing to aikido. The goal of their program is to offer a safe haven for young adults to prosper. On top of the recreational activities, they provide an array of academic programs. One of which is a tutoring program for students who need a little extra help. They also provide a police exploration program which allows youth to gain knowledge in the law enforcement field. One of the things we loved most about their program, is all of their athletics are free-of-charge. Their program is accessible to all youth, whether it’s straight-A-students looking for afterschool activity, or struggling students who can benefit from the program’s mentorship.

MPAL believes in making champions both in and out of the gym, as they speak to in their mission statement. It resonates with us because we are strong believers, that being a champion race car driver is much different than be a champion in life. We want to help create champions everywhere, and this program will help us achieve that goal.

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