Hey all!!! Thanks for all of the support this weekend! We led some laps but finished behind where we wanted. We’ve had some great runs at Texas so we are hoping to make up some points there and go for the win! Some might say the season is winding down. We say the season is just getting hyped up. The additional pressure and intensity can bring out the best or the worst in people. Our team has been here before. We will rise to the occasion and you will see the best out of us.

As the competition becomes fiercer so should the foundation work, right?! Well we think so. In the next coming weeks we are excited for these last few Chasing Second Chances recipients. We are also thrilled to host an awesome volunteer project that will end our CSC program for the 2016 year. Keep up with us the next few weeks to learn more!

This Week’s Cause: Equality in Education

According to the National Retail Federation, parents of K-12 students will collectively spend $27.3 billion on school supplies for the upcoming school year. But what happens when parents cannot afford these supplies? One of the great things about our country is that public school is offered to ALL, therefore many tend to think all kids start on an equal playing field in life. But in 2015, over 13 million children lived in homes with an insufficient supply of food. How are children supposed to focus on school if they are hungry? When these kids go home, many are not worried about their homework. They worry about their next meal. If parents can’t afford food, school supplies cannot be a priority. So how will these students perform when they lack basic supplies? Because of this, teachers themselves foot the bill. According to the Education Market Association, teachers spend an average of $1,000 for classroom supplies. The cycle needs to stop. There needs to be more funding accessible to teachers and/or families so children can access the basic right of an education.

This Week’s Joey Logano Foundation Chasing Second Chances Non-Profit Partner: World Vision USA Teacher Resource Center

After learning about World Vision in 2015, we were excited to partner with them on a volunteer project to kick-off our Chasing Second Chances platform. Along with family, friends and the #22 team, we packed 400 “Women’s Hope Kits” that would be used in shelters helping domestically abused women.

World Vision is a Christian based organization dedicated to working with children, families, and communities worldwide to reach their full potential. They do this by finding the root of the problems, which are poverty and injustice. World Vision offers an array of programs focused on issues such as disaster relief, hunger, access to education and many more.

This past year, we could not miss the opportunity to participate in their work again. This week, the Joey Logano Foundation is excited to partner with the Teacher Resource Center located in Texas. This program allows teachers serving at low-income schools to stock up on donated supplies for their classrooms. At least 70% of students at the school have to qualify for free or reduced lunch to receive the supplies. Without organizations like World Vision and the generosity of donors, many children would go without as they begin their school year.

Many people ask if we like the new Chase format and how the points reset after 3 races. My answer is yes. It gives drivers the opportunity to have a bad race but still make it onto the next round; to begin on an equal playing field. That is what I love about World Vision. They provide kids who were dealt a difficult hand in life the opportunity to begin their school year, or their next Chase round, with a fresh start.

At the end of the Chase, you’re called a Sprint Cup Champion. But when a child has the resources to make it through school, they might be called a nurse, an architect, or even a doctor. This end result affects thousands of people. As much as we want to win this championship, I’d say this impact is much greater on our society than my team bringing home a trophy.