Hey all! What an incredible effort by the #22 team this weekend. The win at Talladega is exactly what we needed. Thank you all for the kind messages and support. We can’t wait to get to Martinsville!

This year, the chase has been very different for our team. At this time last year we had multiple wins and were sitting top seed in the standings. This year, we persevered to make it through the first two rounds, but did not sit quite as comfortably. Without that comfort our team has definitely felt more pressure. But I believe pressure can only negatively affect a team if they are prideful. If everyone on the team believes they alone bear the weight of the race and/or championship on their shoulders, it can be detrimental. A pressure like that can be all consuming. I know my team is a group of guys that thrive with pressure. It makes them focus harder on their jobs, but they never lose site that we get the job done together as a team.

As we continue the chase in Martinsville, we also continue our Chasing Second Chances program. This week, we are supporting an organization offering second chances to abused women and children. Abuse puts enormous amounts of pressure on a person to make a change. It can be a matter of life or death. But to do this, they must often rely on a team of others to help pave the way to safety. We imagine it must be difficult for someone to take this step and put their faith in others, especially when their abuser is someone they thought they could trust.

Over the years, we have learned it is hard to bear the pressures of life alone. We rely on our faith, family and friends to help. It is a true blessing to have people out there, like the Southside Survivors Response Center (SSRC), willing to support these victims and help them find a path to a better life.

This Week’s Cause: Support and Shelter for Abused Women and Children

This week, our Chasing Second Chances grant is offering support for women and children who have sadly fallen victim to sexual assault, domestic violence, and/or homelessness. Domestic violence and sexual assault can tear relationships and families apart. Whether married or dating, young or old, man or woman, anyone can be a victim of its wrath. According to SSRC, studies show that 1 in 4 women have experienced some sort of emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Up to 75% of all rapes are by acquaintances, and the majority of victims were molested or raped as children.

There is something about numbers that put these concepts of abuse into perspective. When we quantify the number of victims, we are representing the number of lives affected. For instance, when we hear the number 1 in 4, you might have someone in mind. Maybe a family member or friend that has suffered through or is currently suffering through an abusive experience. Numbers can spark that personal reference. They make us face the reality that someone we love could be the one who is in an abusive situation and in need of help.

This Week’s Joey Logano Foundation Chasing Second Chances Non-Profit Partner: Southside Survivors Response Center

The fear that must consume someone when they are being abused is unfathomable. To make the decision to run from your home, your job and a person you once loved- all for safety- would be frightening. Fortunately, organizations like Southside Survivor Response Center or SSRC in Martinsville Henry County and Patrick County lend a helping hand to those in need. SSRC is the only organization that provides services for victims and survivors in those areas. They are now celebrating 35 years of services. We as a foundation are thrilled to work with such an established organization. SSRC provides shelter, safety planning, pet safety and advocacy on behalf of the victims (whether this be legal or medical). Applied suicide intervention training is also available through SSRC which helps teach someone how to intervene when someone is suicidal. SSRC also provides community education about abuse and hosts community events to raise awareness for the cause.

Through a host of incredible resources for victims of abuse, SSRC truly provides second chances. At SSRC, survivors find a second chance at life, for self-respect, and for love. Last year, the Joey Logano Foundation was thrilled to provide the emergency shelter a new roof. It brings a whole new meaning to just being grateful for having a roof over your head. This year, we cannot wait to see what lives can be changed through all of us making our contributions to causes like SSRC.