Charlotte, NC. April 17, 2015 Michael’s Way (, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose mission is to help the families of children with cancer to cope with the extraordinary expenses that come about as a direct result of the child’s illness, was introduced to the Charlotte community with a reception on Thursday, April 16th. Michael’s Way has opened a chapter in Charlotte and began working with families at the Levine Children’s Hospital in January.

Chris McElwee, founder of Michael’s Way, talked about his reason for starting the charity. He said, “When a child is diagnosed with cancer your whole world changes. The things that you thought were problems now pale in comparison to the fight for your child’s life. The intensive treatment regimen frequently requires a parent’s fulltime attention. In many cases, a parent finds it impossible to continue working and care for their sick child. This loss of income combined with the increased costs associated with cancer treatment leads to severe financial problems for many families. While there are numerous organizations that assist people with medical expenses, there are very few that can be of help with other necessary expenses such as rent, mortgage, utility bills, childcare and transportation. I wanted to find a way to help families with these crucial expenses so that they could focus fully on healing their child. Michael’s Way was founded to fill this need.”

Joey Logano, the 2015 Daytona 500 Champion, appeared at the reception and donated $30,000 from his foundation, the Joey Logano Foundation ( The mission of the Joey Logano Foundation is to inspire and assemble the NASCAR community to assist those across the nation who are in need of a second chance due to natural or human disaster. The Joey Logano Foundation partners with other organizations to provide comfort and relief to those in need after such unforeseen circumstances.

Juliet Galton, Pediatric Oncology Social Worker at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, spoke about how Michael’s Way is helping local families. She said, “The comprehensiveness of your program, the amount you are willing to assist families, the wide age range that helps serve patients that may not have access to other assistance, and the speed and efficacy in which you help our families are all things that really set your organization apart.” Chris McElwee, the founder of Michael’s Way, was one of 4 national finalists for the Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award and was awarded $25,000 from the NASCAR Foundation to further the mission of Michael’s Way. Jennifer George Quattrochi, Senior Program Manager for the NASCAR Foundation (, was also present to welcome Michael’s Way to Charlotte. She commented, “The NASCAR Foundation is thrilled to be a part of bringing Michael’s Way to Charlotte. Our goal is to raise funds and increase volunteerism to support nonprofit charities and charitable causes with an emphasis placed on initiatives that affect the ability of children to live, learn and play. Michael’s Way embodies the true spirit of the Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award”. For more information, contact Trish Fulvio, at 484-433-7767 or


From left to right. Scott Crutchfield, Michael’s Way Charlotte, President; Chris McElwee, Michael’s Way founder; Joey Logano; Larry Kanavy and Ron Caplan, Michael’s Way Board Members