Hey everyone! We were so close! What a crazy day. The battle is on for Phoenix! It is hard to believe we are going to Phoenix this week. This race season, and really this whole year, has flown by for us. Reflecting on this year is pretty exciting because we have accomplished so much. We have learned from each race and grown as a team.

From the racing side we have never been more united than we are right now. The mentality that we win and lose together is truly a defining characteristic of the 22 team. From a foundation standpoint, we have made great strides towards our goals this year. We grew attendance at our golf and dinner event, increased the number of volunteer opportunities hosted by JLF, and built numerous new relationships with some fantastic new organizations. From a personal standpoint our faith has grown immensely. The foundation is much to blame.

Our instinct as human beings is to ask the selfish question- what do I get out of this? We went out on a limb when we started the foundation and decided with success comes a responsibility to not only make a difference, but to BE the difference regardless of a return. As a foundation, we could just raise money and give it away. That would definitely make a difference. But to BE the difference, we have realized we must devote our energy to not only fundraising and diligently donating to deserving recipients, but we have to INSPIRE others. It’s just like our race team. By inspiring others to join in on our efforts we can do so much more together.

This Week’s Cause: Foster Care Prevention and Reunification of Families

This week we focus our attention towards keeping families together. As much as the foster care system is there to help, it is a sad many children end up in it because their families do not have the proper physical needs to support them. The love might be there, but the basic needs are not. According to Phoenix Dream Center’s website, there are more than 20,000 children in foster care in Arizona. It would be a shame to add to that number and take children out of loving homes because the family could not afford clothing or diapers. The removal of a child from a home can be a traumatic. According to Purdue University, 25-30% of children will be moved around 10 or more times while in the system. Unfortunately, little is done to support to these hurting children while they are in the care of social services. Much research has shown that with proper support and education, parents and children can stay together, or be reunified and can thrive.

This Week’s Joey Logano Foundation Chasing Second Chances Non-Profit Partner: Phoenix Dream Center

The Phoenix Dream Center is an organization that provides the resources necessary to keep families together. Whether this is by providing food, clothing, or counseling, the Dream Center is there to assist. The center offers 5 homes in the community to help transitioning families. They offer support groups, church groups, and a number of educational classes to help build strong foundations for these children. The center currently helps more than 40,000 people each month. The outreach they provide is second to none, and we are honored to join forces with this wonderful organization.

Earlier, we said we started this foundation with the expectation of nothing in return. We have realized the expression “act in kindness, with no expectation of a return” is true yet very ironic. It is true because we should not expect anything in return, yet ironic because you end up receiving so much. Our hearts are overflowing from the generosity of our donors this year as well as seeing the many lives changed. Our faith is continuously growing. I’d say we have had a great year so far, but its not over yet! Make sure to follow us for our last blog of our Chasing Second Chances program next week.