As NASCAR returns to the Pocono Raceway this weekend, Kevin Harvick has decided to make a donation to the Joey Logano Foundation. He will do so in memory of a feud that transpired between the drivers years ago.

Kevin Harvick, who is worth $70 million (via Celebrity Net Worth), in his farewell season has made a $12,000 donation to the driver’s foundation. The charity came in tribute to when a young Joey Logano infamously said “His wife wears the firesuit in his family” in 2010. Logano was referencing Harvick’s wife DeLana, after an on-track collision in Pocono.

The two drivers had reconciled many years ago, and have now put a good end to the story that originated at the same track. Harvick made the donation from the t-shirt sales which hilariously read “I wear the fire suit in this family.”

Harvick opened up about the recent donation in an interview with SiriusXM at Pocono Raceway this Saturday.

“Since we’ve got to know each other over the past several years, and having to work on a lot of same things to help improve the sport. And as we went down the list of races that ‘I wear the firesuit’ moments, [it] obviously came up.” Harvick said.“I talked to Joey before we did everything I said ‘Hey you wanna play along?’ and he was always game for stuff like that. We just felt like it would be the right thing to do after all these years to make a nice donation to his foundation,” he added.

The #4 Stewart Haas Racing driver revealed that he and Logano have remained committed to improving the sport over the years. He added that their on-track rivalry doesn’t translate off the track, as they now look back at the event and laugh it off.


“If there’s something going on, he’s gonna call me and I’m gonna call him. We’ll race each other hard but as you look at that it was just a good moment to look back on something that we all laugh at. As we go forward a good opportunity to donate to his foundation.”

Joey Logano reflects on his comments after Kevin Harvick’s donation

Joey Logano reflected on the incident that occurred 13 years ago and expressed his regret over his choice of words. Logano, then driving for Joe Gibbs Racing, was in his second full-time NASCAR Cup Series season.

“Well, I’m glad we figured it all out,” Logano said, “So here’s the thing, you sometimes grow up in front of everybody. And yeah, Kevin wrecked me that day, and I was mad about it. I probably shouldn’t have brought his wife into the middle of it or made it that personal, but the fact that they made a joke out of it”

Logano and his family sportingly wore Kevin Harvick’s T-shirt to commemorate the event.

“So it’s become a fun joke between us now. I still regret saying it, but at least some good things came out of it. They raised a bunch of money for their foundation, and they paid it forward to us, so that’s pretty special. That’s cool.” | By: Dheeraj | Modified July 26, 2023