Hey everyone!

I appreciate the words of encouragement a lot of you have been sending. Our #22 team is looking ahead and focused on what we need to do in order to secure our place in the Championship. We will keep fighting.

This Week’s Cause: Cancer Awareness

The month of November has a variety of awareness causes focusing on cancer. It includes Lung, Pancreatic and Stomach cancer to name a few. With all the different cancer awareness causes in the same month, we decided that Chasing Second Chances would focus on a couple organizations helping individuals fighting all types of cancer.

For this blog post, I wanted to talk about something that is really important, especially as I look at the organizations Chasing Second Chances is helping this month and the issues they are addressing. I want to talk about perspective.

By nature, I am a positive guy. I smile and laugh a lot. It doesn’t mean that I don’t get frustrated or down at times, but I’m usually able to find positive out of most situations thanks to my amazing wife, loyal fans, and a team that believes in me. Putting things in perspective is how I try to make it through a tough situation.

I hear a lot of stories of people battling cancer, finding themselves unable to pay their mortgages or at risk of losing a job because they are too sick to work. Sometimes the simple tasks of daily life that you and I take for granted become to tiring to accomplish. I won’t take for granted all that I have been blessed with. It is not fair to those fighters who battle for their lives daily; who battle for the strength to care for their children or go for a simple walk outside to not keep things in perspective. I hope my foundation’s support this month will offer encouragement and assistance needed to get these individuals and their families through the challenges they face.

This Week’s Joey Logano Foundation Chasing Second Chances Partner

This week, Chasing Second Chances is supporting Cancer Care Services out of Fort Worth, TX. Their mission is to provide help and hope to cancer patients, survivors, their families and caregivers through direct financial, emotional, spiritual and social programs, services and activities.

You can learn more about them through this video:

Cancer Care Services provides support to anyone impacted by cancer living in Tarrant, Parker or Hood Counties. The services they provide include:

  • Financial assistance for qualifying cancer patients: Cancer prescriptions, food supplements, medical equipment, supplies, transportation reimbursements, COBRA insurance payments, dental assistance, and emergency funds;
  • Emotional support for everyone: Free, one-on-one family or group counseling, general or specialized support groups;
  • Social support for everyone: Free, yoga, massage therapy, children’s day camp, art therapy, music therapy, children’s play expression, educational seminars and other seasonal social activities;
  • Spiritual support for everyone: Free, one-on-one counseling and support groups.

Through our gift of support, the Joey Logano Foundation hopes individuals and families seeking assistance will find comfort in a scary and many times overwhelming situation. We are proud to support this organization and the work they do to make the community a better place.